SYA consists of three female singers who accompany themselves on various acoustic instruments such as harp, guitar, piano, flute and mandolin. They share the love for beautiful vocal harmonies. They turned this love into musical arrangements of their own. This results in listening concerts where you can always discover something new.

The carefully selected repertoire contains originals, songs of their own and songs from artist such as: James Taylor, Venice, Ed Sheeran and Crosby Stills and Nash. But also lesser known artists come along. They sing in both Dutch and English.

Amanda Muller | vocals, (bass) guitar, mandolin & flute
Yvonne Leek | vocals, piano & accordion
Daphne van de Bor | vocals, (bas)guitar & harmonica

Besides the melodic instruments we also play various percussion instruments. Let our diversity of sound surprise you!

Besides the live performances they released their first CD ‘Live At Legacy Studio’. A copy is available in the shop.

Video / Photo

JUNE 16, 2022
Haselünner Bühnen Konzert
(im Hanse Saal des Berentzen Hofes statt)

Start 19:30
Ritterstraße 7
49740 Haselünne, Duitsland

Bookings, questions & messages

06 26756853
(+31 626756853)